What time do the gates close?
9:00 p.m. April through October.
7:30 p.m. November through March. Gates will be closed during bad weather.

Do you sell monuments?
Yes. Call or stop in for more information. We use Monuvision to design a memorial with you.

Do you know where everyone is buried?
Yes. We have good records back to 1916 and charts showing each grave throughout the cemetery.

I want to be cremated. Do I have to bury my ashes?
No, you do not have to bury the cremated remains. We do, however, offer cremation niches that are a part of our mausoleum complex that overlooks the cemetery and would make a great final resting place. You won’t end up a burden on a family member and you will have the dignity of a final resting place that you deserve.

I am a Veteran. Can I be buried in the Veterans section?
Maybe. The American Legion Post #659 has the responsibility to determine eligibility. You would need to get permission from them prior to any funeral taking place.

What happens when the cemetery fills up?
The Belle Vernon Cemetery has more than enough room to accommodate the community for many future generations. However, when that time comes, the perpetual care fund will cover all expenses of maintaining the cemetery. Yes, there would still be employees.